Presidents Reports

President’s Message Feb 2018

President’s Message - February 2018 I recently read an article by Jerry Thurston in the British ‘The Classic Motorcycle’ about the 25-year rolling rule for VMCC eligibility in Britain, which made me think about our Club and the direction we appear to be heading and what really is a classic motorcycle. The Oxford dictionary defines classic as “A thing which is memorable and a very good example of its kind” If you apply this definition of classic to our situation then yes we do have members that own, ride and enjoy classic motorcycles. Sadly by this definition I am not one of them, however I still consider that my R90S for example to me is a classic motorcycle (yes it’s a bit tatty and some are cruel and heartless and keep telling me it’s not the right colour). But the model has excellent pedigree, when first released it was considered a superbike with many new innovations that have endeared it to collectors worldwide to this day. But lined up beside an SS100 Brough Superior for example and asked to choose which machine is a classic then the R90S would hardly rate a second glance by most motorcycle buffs. Our Club rides over the years have seen the true classics participating drop off considerably and now days most rides are dominated by more modern machines to the point that one would be hard pressed to fathom the purpose of our Club if you weren’t in the know. Does this matter and should we be concerned? Well from my point of view it’s a shame but there are obvious and logical reasons behind this. For a start the number of vehicles on the roads is increasing by the day and let’s face it old bikes don’t have too many safety features. For most of us just the journey to the start of a Club ride can be a harrowing experience on a bike with all those modern safety features. So if you are like me and consider life preservation something of a priority then why increase the odds against oneself if you have a choice sitting out in the shed. Urban Melbourne residents envy Geelong area members your close proximity to country riding. For me a mid week ride starting at Rockbank doesn’t even rate a second thought, by the time I got there I would need a Bex and a good lie down. Best remedy I think is to trailer your beloved classic bike to Club rallies. You have comfort in the knowledge of a back up trailer being present on the rides. You don’t have the long ride there and back and you can enjoy your machine on country roads right from the front door of your accommodation. That said The Inverloch Rally is coming up in March this year so why not get your classic bike ready and come along. So back to the classic by definition dilemma. I don’t think it really matters. Perhaps the definition of classic should remain objective and be at the discretion of us as individuals. If you consider your bike to be a classic then why not, irrespective of whether it’s a Brough or a 1980’s Japanese machine (or a tatty R90S). I don’t care and personally would never disagree with someone if they referred to their pride and joy as a classic. Patina or restored to better than brand new, well that’s another subject for another day. Hope to see you and your classic at The Inverloch Rally next month. Ian Snadden President CMCCV

President’s Message – Dec. 2017

It’s been a tragic and chaotic month. Hard to believe that this month we have lost Ian and Jan Kennedy, both Life Members and long serving members of our Club who gave so much to so many during their lifetime. Ian and Jan ran 10 Gippsland Classic Rallies for our Club and Ian was always willing to organise rides and break stops whenever a ride /rally was held in the Gippsland area. Ian organised and planned all the rides during our week-long LEAP Rally based in Lakes Entrance last year. Ian and Jan were actively involved with the Maffra Sale Motorcycle Club for many decades, were instrumental in the establishment of the Gippsland Vehicle Collection Motor Museum and ran numerous Ken Rumble Reliability Runs and The Harold Parsons Memorial Rides. Ian and Jan spent many hours bringing a quality of life to those less fortunate in their community. Ian built an outfit that would carry a wheelchair bound person in the chair. I understand the oldest passenger he carried was 105 years old. This conveyance Ian called The Hope Mobile. We will miss them both, our condolences and sincere thoughts are with the family during this extremely difficult time. At our well attended (70 plus members) and very successful November Swap Meet / Meeting (thanks to organiser Jack Youdan) we drew the Fight MND Raffle. Congratulations to the three prize winners and to all those who dug deep and bought tickets for this very worthy cause. The proceeds of the raffle ticket sales made our target of $2000. The Club donated all costs associated with the running of the raffle. Committee representatives will meet with Fight MND representatives for a cheque presentation as soon as this can be organised. Well done CMCCV members. I hope by this stage all members who have internet access will have had a look at our new website. Ok I’m biased, but I think it looks fantastic and would like to thank Peter, Glenda and Graham for their genius. If you haven’t had a look yet, do yourself a favour We have decided on a common theme between Sprocket cover photo and the website home page, so when you log on you will be greeted with the magnificent round case Ducati (until Sprocket cover pic changes). Sunday 26th November was our Christmas breakup BBQ - a very enjoyable day was had by all (even though the weather was not great, and the power was off all day), great food, great company and an enjoyable shortened ride (due to the inclement weather) led by Captain Sam. Thanks to all those that helped to make the day a success. Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a prosperous, healthy and most importantly safe New Year. Look forward to joining you on a Club ride over the Christmas break. Ian Snadden President CMCCV   Please note: Next Committee Meeting 14th February, next General Meeting 21st February, no Sprocket in January.

President’s Message – November 2017


Just another day in the life of the Club’s President, Vice President and Editor.

Late in September, Richard arrived at my place from Seymour early in the morning and we then drove to pick up Graham at a pre-arranged meeting point at Narre Warren.

The three intrepid bearded club aficionados then drove to meet with Focus Print Group manager Stuart Anderson in East Oakleigh for a meeting regarding the cost structure of Sprocket.

Following a fruitful meeting with Stuart we then were given a tour of the printing plant which was a real eye opener. The scale of the operation was impressive to say the least and we were all very impressed with what we saw.

After a quick coffee at the local Industrial Estate café, it was off to Cabrini Hospital in Malvern to pay a visit to Vern Dalton who is recovering in hospital.

Vern didn’t have any grapes for us to devour so after an hour visit we headed off to Hallam to meet with David Howard, the son in law of recently passed Life Member Allan Woodbridge.

David is part of the KH Equipment team who primarily manufacture Austart Air Starters and are also the manufacturers of the fabulous Irving Vincent motorcycle.

David was kind enough to pass onto the Club all the records of the Inverloch Investigator Rallies held over 20 odd years by Allan and Joan Woodbridge and family, which we gratefully accepted to be added to the Club’s archival records – thanks to David and the Woodbridge family.

Following a briefing from David about the nature of the business we were taken to the board room to inspect the display of six magnificent Irving Vincents, the ex-Bob Satterley Vincent that was hugely successful at Goodwood in 2014 and the ex-Kenny Roberts Junior Yamaha flat tracker, resplendent with traditional speed block paint work. What an unbelievable display, every corporate boardroom should look like this.

David then took us on a tour of the machine shop - painted floors clean enough to eat off, decorated with plants and a distinct lack of staff numbers due to the state of the art high tech machines in use.

We were then taken into the Irving Vincent inner sanctum and met with Barry Horner who was preparing the racing outfit to be piloted by Beau Beaton at the Australian Super Bike final round that weekend. The outfit was entered in the F1 & F2 outfit races but not competing for points as it was being run for testing purposes only.

Once again, immaculately clean work areas, extremely well set out and an absolute credit to management and staff reflecting how much they enjoy doing what they do.

Thanks David for your time showing us around and sharing your passion with us.

We wish Vern a speedy recovery.

Ian Snadden President CMCCV


President’s Report – October 2017

On Sunday 17th September we lost a good friend, fellow Club member & our Treasurer Jol Dunn. It was a great honour for me to be asked by Jol’s wife Jane, to speak at Jol’s service on Monday 25th September.

I was equally proud of the number of Club members who attended to show their respect to Jol, which was not unexpected considering the esteem in which we all held Jol.

Jol will be greatly missed by us all. Ride in Peace mate.

As you are aware Jol chose our charity raffle recipient - Fight MND - and tickets are still available for the draw on the night of the General Meeting 15th November 2017.

Forget the prizes, support the cause & if you win that’s a bonus!

Let’s do Jol proud and raise the targeted amount of $2000.

To finish off 2017 the Club has organised a Christmas breakup BBQ at the Rowsley Community Hall. This will be a great event and a great occasion to catch up with fellow members. Make sure you put the date in your diary and come along.

*See notice and full details in October issue of Sprocket*

November General Meeting will be a cracker with our swap meet, member guest speaker and raffle draw. No door entry on the night and the usual gourmet supper, don’t miss it.

We have now adopted a buddy system on all club rides. How this works is that at the ride briefing you choose a buddy that you will look out for during the ride. You don’t have to ride with your “buddy”, just make sure at regrouping, morning tea stops & lunch you eye-ball each other to ensure that each is still on the ride.

Never leave the ride unless you have told someone of your intention to do so - best way to depart from a ride is to stop and inform the Tail End Charlie (or the ride leader at the commencement of the ride if you know you are going to depart before the finish)

Let’s always keep it safe and look out for each other at all times.

Ian Snadden

President CMCCV.


President’s Report – September 2017

President’s message:

Dear CMCCV member

If you’ve never read a President’s message before - please read this one!

(Absolutely no reflection on past Presidents whatsoever, just trying to capture the reader’s attention)

Picture this, we are lucky enough to be out riding our beloved classic machines, socialising and enjoying our passion to the max.

How often do we pause during these times and consider the plight of others who may be stricken with an illness that has no cure - rarely I would suggest. Let’s not be too hard on ourselves over this, as unless you or a member of your family are confronted with a serious medical condition, life goes on for the majority of us. However I am not suggesting we are oblivious to others’ hardships but perhaps momentarily we feel genuine compassion for others when their plight is a topic of conversation. We then seem to seek comfort and be thankful that it “always happens to someone else” before drifting back into our comparatively fortunate lives.

Your committee has decided to support a worthwhile cause by running a raffle over the next few months. Members who attended the August General Meeting were presented with statistics regarding the horrific Motor Neurone Disease (MND) and at that meeting a raffle was launched. Our Club has been given approval from the MND Foundation to run a raffle with all proceeds going to their fund raising arm “Fight MND”.

Fight MND guarantee that 100% of donations go directly to benefit the cause, no expenses are deducted from donations.

For further information about MND go to

I would hope we can raise at the very least $2,000 to go to this very worthwhile cause, which equates to one $5 raffle ticket per member. (The equivalent to a beer in the pub, a Magnum ice-cream or a large takeaway coffee.) Of course more would be better.

More details in this edition of Sprocket of how you can support this extremely worthwhile cause.

Back to classic bike indulgence, (but not losing sight of above)

Thanks to Jack Youdan & Colin Borthwick for arranging an excellent guest speaker for the August General Meeting - Rodney Richards, volunteer pilot with Angel Flight.

As you are reading this your committee is hard at work organising next year’s rallies and rides. Three rallies are planned for 2018.

November General Meeting is going to be a cracker with Jack and the committee organising a swap meet at the club premises, starting early and another excellent guest (Club member) speaker.

See you on a Club event soon.

Ian Snadden

President CMCCV.

President’s Report August 2017

Congratulations to Burger for his exceptional 7 years and 4 months as President extraordinaire. Burger was awarded Life Membership status at the July AGM for which he was very deserving. Enjoy your well-deserved rest from the President position Burger and we sincerely hope to continue to see you at future meetings and Club events. 12 years ago after a 3 year term as President of the BMW Motorcycle Club of Victoria I vowed that I wouldn’t make that commitment again. Well here we go again, however this time circumstances are vastly different, I’m now retired, older and wiser and have learnt in the interim not to take on everything myself, I learnt from my previous experience how to delegate, so watch out committee! I have agreed to take on the role of President of the CMCCV as I’m very passionate about our Club. I have been a member of many clubs over the years and our Club is very special. There are no politics, no egos and I feel I’m a part of a family of kindred spirits. The camaraderie within our club is exceptional and rides, social occasions, meetings and rallies are always very enjoyable. Welcome to the incoming committee for 2017-18. I extend a special welcome Sam Panettieri to the committee in your role as Club Captain and congratulations to Graham Boulter stepping into the Vice President position. The Club’s committee members are all hardworking and dedicated and work extremely effectively together as a team; I look forward to working with the committee during my term as President. I believe myself and the committee have a huge responsibility to ensure that our beloved Club is still in a healthy existence in the future decades to come. Our Club is no different to other enthusiast clubs in respect that our membership is ageing and a major hurdle will be attracting new younger members that share our enthusiasm for classic motorcycles to ensure the club lives on. This will be a great challenge to the committee which we will be embracing with enthusiasm and in due course will be seeking input from members. I look forward to serving you as President and thank the committee for their confidence in me to take on the role. As Burger once said signing off a President’s message - “A club event is a non-event without members” Look forward to seeing you on a Club event soon, guaranteed you will enjoy it.

Ian Snadden

President CMCCV