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About Joining

Dear prospective member of CMCCV,

We are currently receiving a great many applications to join this Club; the majority of which appear to be doing so to secure access to a Club permit (Red Plate) on a classic vehicle. While we acknowledge that this endeavour is in the general interest of the historic vehicle movement, we unfortunately have to admit that there is little, if any interest displayed in our Club among many of these applicants.
With this in mind, please take note and consider the following point/s before you complete the application to join CMCCV.

1. Membership applications are only considered at the end of each month, at that committee meeting; shortly after which formal approval is then granted in writing, to the applicant. This means that your application may take up to 4 weeks to be processed.
2. It is now the policy of the Classic Motorcycle Club of Victoria to not consider an application from a new member, for a Club Permit (Red Plate) for a period of 6 months after membership has been formally granted. This is done to discourage those people from using us merely as a rubber stamp for the Club Permit Scheme, and to put in place a short period, where it is hoped, new members will make an effort to participate in Club life. Such as: attending a meeting or a ride at some stage.
We (the committee) hope you will see our point of view. Our primary endeavour, on behalf of our existing members, is to maintain the health and well being of the Classic Motorcycle Club of Victoria, which has been in existence now for over 40 years.
We do of course, look forward to applications from all owners of classic motorcycles, who also have a genuine interest in motorcycle club life.
Thank you, in anticipation, for your application to join us at CMCCV.

Annual membership fees are currently $45, for single membership and $50 for family membership.
A joining fee of $50 also applies.

Contact the Membership Secretary for further information.


Understanding Your Classic MC Club Membership

The Classic Motor Cycle Club of Victoria has 2 classes of membership that you may apply for; Full (or Single) and Family.

Full (Single) Membership: is available to anyone with a genuine interest in Classic Bikes, being bikes at least 25 years old. Full members are able to participate in all club events and meetings, are able to vote at all club meetings.

Members who have been in the club for at least 6 months, may apply to register eligible motor cycles under the clubs CPS agreement with VicRoads.

Members who have been in the club for 5 or more contiguous years may also apply to register an eligible standard motor car under the clubs CPS agreement with VicRoads.

Each member is required to pay an annual membership fee. It is possible to change from Full Membership to Family Membership by making a New Membership Application covering ALL family members.

Family Membership: This is available to either or both parents of a family who are eligible for Full Membership together with one or more children under the age of 18. Each Family Member must be formally nominated in the original approved Membership Application form. Each Family Member, other than children, has ALL of the same rights and obligations as Full Members. Family members are required to pay a single annual membership fee that covers all of the members approved Family Members. It is possible for any Family Member to change to Full Membership.

Membership Status: All Full and Family members who have paid the applicable club membership fee are Financial Members of the club.
If membership fees are not received by the club by June 30 in any one year then that membership becomes Non-Financial and all membership rights are suspended till such time as the membership fee is received. If the outstanding membership fee is not received by the club by September 30 of that year then the membership shall lapse.

CPS Implications: If you have a vehicle registered through the club under the VicRoads CPS system it is a requirement of VicRoads that you are at all times a financial member of the club. Your club is legally required to advise VicRoads within 7 days of any member ceasing to be a Financial Member.

Membership Questions?? Please contact our Membership Secretary

CPS Questions?? Please contact your clubs CPS Officer